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How to Stay Safe at Home During a Power Outage

SOURCE: Windermere

How to Stay Safe at Home During a Power Outage

A stormy night with the lights out can complicate things at home. But with the right preparation, you and your household can switch gears quickly and ride out the blackout period, however long it may last. Power outages can happen unexpectedly, so taking the necessary steps to have a plan in place should be a priority. We’ll walk through some essential steps to stay safe, calm, and cozy when the lights go out.

Lighting During a Power Outage

The first thing you’ll miss during a power outage is light. Make sure you have flashlights, candles, lanterns, and plenty of batteries readily available. Check your devices to see which size batteries they require and make sure you have all the necessary sizes on hand. LED lanterns are energy-efficient and will stay lit for a long time to provide some illumination during an extended blackout.

Emergency Kit

A well-stocked emergency kit is essential during a power outage. Make sure you have a substantial supply of non-perishable food, bottled water, and an assortment of basic utensils. Along with your emergency kit, keep a first aid kit handy to ensure you’re fully prepared for a blackout-related emergency.

Staying Warm During a Power Outage

Even though the lights in your home are out, that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable as you wait for them to come back on. This is especially important if the power outage occurs during the colder months of the year. Keep plenty of blankets and extra layers of clothing close by to make sure you and your family stay cozy. If you have a portable heater that you plan to use, pay attention to the manufacturer instructions to avoid possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

Home Security

Home safety and security is vital during a power outage. Make sure your home’s security system’s motion-activation is still functioning properly, and if it has a backup system, check that too. Unfortunately, some burglars may see a blackout as an opportunity to take advantage of the low-visibility conditions. Lock your windows and secure the deadbolts on your door so you and your household can wait out the power outage in peace.

Preserve Food

Try to keep your refrigerator and freezer closed as much as possible. Use your perishable food rations in your emergency kit as a first option for a meal during the power outage and stick to other non-perishable food items in your pantry. Hopefully, the power will come back on soon enough and you’ll be able to resume your normal food preparation. But if you’re constantly opening the fridge and freezer while the power’s out, your food will spoil quickly, and you could have quite a mess on your hands.

Staying Entertained

Who says you can’t have fun during a power outage? With all your preparations in place, a blackout presents the chance for you and your household to enjoy some electronic-free activities. Have board games, books, arts and crafts materials, and decks of cards at the ready. If you have kids, plan some fun activities ahead of time that they’ll enjoy.

SOURCE: Windermere