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Windermere Foundation 2021 Year in Review

For the Windermere Foundation, 2021 was a year of milestones. Windermere owners, staff, and agents stepped up to support their communities in a variety of ways. Their collective efforts helped to raise over $2.5 million in 2021 for low-income and homeless families, bringing the Foundation’s grand total to over $45 million in donations since 1989.

Windermere Foundation 2021 Year in Review

Early 2021

The year got off to a quick start. Windermere offices showed an outpouring of support in their communities, raising nearly $500,000 by the end of March. The Windermere Lane County office in Eugene, Oregon was highly active, raising money for a host of local organizations dedicated to supporting local children who are in crisis due to neglect, abuse, poverty, or homelessness. The office also collected donations for Florence Food Share and Food for Lane County, two local non-profits working to solve hunger issues in the community. All in all, the Lane County office’s donations totaled over $10,000.

Community Service Day

In June, Windermere celebrated its 37th annual Community Service Day, a tradition since 1984 in which our agents, staff, and franchise owners spend the day volunteering in their communities to complete neighborhood improvement projects. The Windermere Pinole and Diablo Realty offices joined together to support the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano by working in their warehouse to help bag produce. The offices were able to gather $2,850 in donations, which empowered The Food Bank to deliver 5,700 meals to the local community. The Park City office also made an impact with a local food health organization, EATS Park City, by donating $5,000 to help EATS in their mission to promote nutrition advocacy in the area.

These are just a couple examples of the impact last year’s Community Service Day had throughout the Windermere footprint. By the end of June, the Foundation surpassed $1 million in donations for 2021.


A group of people wearing sanitary masks stand together in a food bank warehouse holding a donation check.

Pictured: Scott Tuffnell, Denise Ramirez, Mike Rowland, Renee Rowland, Diane Cockrell, Mona Logasa, Dave Nardi, Ellen Osmundson, Jim Georgantes, Tina Rowland, Jacob Cardinale, Nicolars Ramirez, Luis Ramirez-Agudelo, George Gross, John Kula, Carol Nasser, Neil Zarchin (Food Drive Administrator – Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano) – Image Source: Windermere Rowland Realty – California


Late 2021

Windermere agents, staff, and owners continued to give back to their communities through the summer and fall, eventually passing $1.5 million raised in 2021 by September’s end. Here are a few highlights from the final months of the year.

UW Certificate Scholarship Program

The UW Certificate Scholarship program is part of Windermere’s commitment to better serve and support students of color, especially Black and Hispanic students, who have been impacted by systemic racial inequities. Since it was introduced in 2019, the scholarship program has given a total of $41,000 to scholars to date.

Gina, a 2021 scholar, was able to complete the UW Certificate in Data Visualization with her scholarship from Windermere. Originally from Colombia, Gina moved to the U.S. ten years ago. She eventually found work as a nanny but was laid off in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gina knew she needed to find a stable career to help support her family and wanted to put her data visualization skills to work. Gina was hired as an Attendance Specialist with her local school district. “Now, you may wonder how an Attendance Specialist can contribute if she has data visualization skills,” she said. “I was a little skeptical at first, but as I started learning more about data, I started connecting the dots. I started collecting data on the reason why the students were not making it to classes and tracking down the kids that needed extra attention.” Gina began making weekly analyses and data visualizations for her team and was soon helping the district connect with students they hadn’t been able to reach for six months. “I can’t thank you enough for this great opportunity,” she said of the UW Certificate Scholarship. “I have helped my community, grown as a professional, and feel empowered as a mom and as a brown woman.”

The Windermere Foundation plans to expand the UW Certificate Scholarship program in the future to help more Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC) adult learners.


A selfie of a young man and woman and their two kids outside.

2021 UW Certificate Scholar Gina (top left) with her family. Image Source: Gina / Jo Gubas—University of Washington


Windermere Sand Point / Lake Oswego West / Fort Collins /

The following Windermere offices didn’t let up in their community efforts during the final weeks of 2021. Windermere Sand Point looked no further than their local elementary school, Sand Point Elementary, when deciding how they could make an impact during the holiday season. The Sand Point office donated $3,000 to the school, which will help to provide low-income students and their families with clothing, shoes, food assistance, and payment aid for after school activities.

The Windermere Lake Oswego West office makes it a point to support Transition Projects annually in any way they can. Transition Projects engages with the local homeless population to support them on their journey out of homelessness while delivering lifesaving and life-changing assistance. In early December, the Lake Oswego West office donated $3,500 to Transition Projects.

Windermere Fort Collins has close ties to ChildSafe Colorado, a local organization that provides therapy for victims of childhood abuse. One of their agents had a personal experience with ChildSafe and couldn’t thank them enough for all they did for their family. The office has rallied to support the organization, as they are unable to provide their services without donations. The Northern Colorado office hosted a tailgate party fundraiser, collecting donations from agents and the public. All in all, they were able to donate $4,000 to ChildSafe in November.


A woman in the foreground holds a basket of donated items and a man in a football jersey behind her carries some items.

Pictured L to R: Suzanne Ekeler, Eric Thompson – Image Source: Natalie Parsons, Windermere Fort Collins


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